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15 August -
30 September

16 October -
22 October

Vida Leve vegetariano


Gaudiana International Music Festival - ALCOUTIM

Vida leve 2.jpg

SOLO - Bob Tidy

Alcoutim Art INSTA - announcement.jpg

Collective exhibition

1 October -
22 October

SEDA Espacio Abierto


Seda front.jpg

Collective exhibition

We are currently making contact with potential and existing venues to arrange future exhibitions. If you are an artist and are interested in working with us please complete the form.

Our criteria for selecting artists

We evaluate :
If the work presented to us has originality and depth of personal expression. 
If it will add any new dimension to what we already have available to us.
If it will demonstrate suitability of our brand and our understanding of our audience. 
We also evaluate :
The quality of the images and profile information presented to us.
The depth of online presence with social media and the level of outreach the artist is offering

We request that you send up to five images of your work to

Subscribe to show interest in exhibiting with us for future events

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