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Anna is a UK artist living and working from a small wooden studio perched on the banks of the Rio Guadiana.
Anna graduated from Trent Polytechnic in the 1980s with a degree in Creative Arts and has been exhibiting since in Britain, Spain and Portugal.
Throughout her career Anna’s art has been inspired by nature. Working in a variety of different mediums from small pencil drawings to larger oils on canvas, animals and people enveloped in a stylized yet natural environment have been a constant theme.
“My little wooden studio perches on the side of the hill nestling in the olive trees. I catch glimpses of the river through their branches as azure winged magpies fly past my window. 



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Anna Cumming


“ Here in my small patch of paradise it’s hard to imagine the crisis our natural world faces. I feel lucky to observe and sketch animals in their natural habitat, a circumstance that is ever more fragile”

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